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breif61 replied to your post: Hoping that doing all my shoulder exercises in a row will make my shoulders look pumped They should! I love shoulder day for that reason. Lookin SWOLE haha

hell yea! those are the times I wish someone was at the gym with me to take pics .. or that i wouldnt be embarrassed to take self shots while working out ;)

the-mnms replied to your photo: Lunch :) #cleaneating #fitfluential I love that u post pics of ur meals! I too am trying to eat clean but I run out of food possibilities. Keep up the great work! And thanks!

Thank you so much!! I am trying to post pictures of my meals more— maybe it’ll give people ideas of what to make (even though i know most of my meals are pretty plain!) and give people motivation, knowing that healthy food can be good!

Why are some pictures that people re-blog or post all of a sudden coming up with those question marks?!

I’ve never had that happen before— I have a macbook pro with no real pop-up blockers— sooo confused!??!!

woohoo! before the race! I’m in purple! 

Rugged Maniac posted the pics they took!

there is an awesome one of my straight on while running after I jumped over the fire to go towards the last obstacle and finish line. I am waiting to see how @reachyourpeaks’ dads’ photos come out to decide whether I want to order that one or not. I wish I could somehow save and post it on here. boo!

Apr 7
me! pre-workout muscles :) 

me! pre-workout muscles :) 

I can name several reasons why getting an iPhone has positively impacted my life…

but #1 might be being able to post more on tumblr.. including pics :)

Sorry if you’re sick of pictures of myself; I’ll try to take more of other things..ha.