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Naked Weigh-in & DOMS…

This morning, I got naked and weighed myself— for the first time in MONTHS. I thought I weighed around 120, but wasn’t really positive. My scale said 122.5 lbs. WOW— I wasn’t expecting to weight MORE than I thought.. so that was kind of disappointing.. BUT, I am getting my period tomorrow and I have some serious DOMS from Tuesday nights’ legs workout, and I’m sore from last night, so it’s possible I’m retaining some water. 

My trainer just got his body fat machine-thingy in so he’s going to take mine tomorrow night before SGT. According to the instructions, you can accurately take your measurements 2 hours+ after your last meal, so that should work out well. I also already asked a trainer at my gym to use their calipers to take mine on Saturday morning, so I’m excited to see if they both come up the same, or if I was right all along that the trainer at my gym was being a little to lenient with the amount she was grabbing on the 3 body parts when measuring my body fat. 

We’ll see! I’ll write an update afterwards, of course!